References from Educational Institutions

The predecessors of the ByTheMark service, the Trakla and Trakla2 systems, have been successfully used in numerous educational institutions, including Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia, University of Helsinki, Indiana University East (US), University of Kuopio, Lappeenranta University of Technology, Tampere University of Technology, University of Turku, Helsinki University of Technology, and Åbo Akademi. In addition to our new customers, most of these have chosen to use By The Mark Service, instead of maintaining a server of their own, including Turku Vocational Institute, Rhode Island College (USA), Tampere University of Technology, Åbo Akademi, and University of Turku.

Research Findings

Numerous academic studies indicate that our service aids learning.

A technically immaculate system with an intuitive user interface is not by itself enough to fulfill the needs of our customers and their students. Any system that aims to assist students to achieve good learning results must be pedagogically sound as well. The pedagogical credibility of the ByTheMark service is considerable. The Trakla2 system, which provides the backbone of our service, has been comprehensively researched, and studies have shown it to be an effective learning aid. The following scientific publications provide further detail:

The studies indicate that students take very well to the service and prefer this kind of exercises on the web to closed lab assignments in the classroom. Due to the meaningful exercises, students are better committed to courses and course objectives than before. The results reveal that the best learning results are achieved by combining automatically assessed exercises similar to those in ByTheMark service with traditional class room sessions.

A more comprehensive list of studies (more than 50 publications) conducted on Trakla and Trakla2 can be found at the Trakla2 research site.