ByTheMark Service

Example of an exercise in ByTheMark ServiceLess Work – More Results. The ByTheMark service offers automatically assessed exercises that a teacher can easily integrate in any course on data structures and algorithms. A teacher can mix and match from our selection of exercises to compose different courses or learning modules, say, ‘Data Structures and Algorithms’, ‘How to Use Data Structures’, ‘Design and Analysis of Algorithms’ or ‘Spatial Data Algorithms’.

The smallest ByTheMark Service package includes 20 student accounts and up to 50 exercises. The service automatically grades answers submitted by students, provides feedback on them, and keeps track of exercises solved and grades received. Exercises are individualized in the sense that a slightly different variation of an exercise is presented to each student. The exercises come with automatically generated model answers in the form of algorithm animations. Students have the option of solving an exercise many times. The exercises can be divided into smaller units (e.g. lessons or rounds), each with its own deadline. A teacher can follow his or her students’ performance on the web through an easy-to-use web interface. Our helpdesk support responds to technical questions about the service from teachers and students alike.

Although using the ByTheMark service is straightforward, we provide training on request. Also available is a pedagogically oriented helpdesk service that can help students with questions related to the substance of a course in programming or data structures and algorithms.


ByTheMark Service comes in three different packages. The main distinction is the number of students allowed on the course.

Small Medium Large
Students 20 100 300
Exercises up to 50 up to 50 up to 50
Languages 2 (English and Finnish) 2 (English and Finnish) 2 (English and Finnish)
Teacher’s Web Interface Yes Yes Yes
Technical Helpdesk Yes Yes Yes
Price 450€* 950€* 1450€*
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For larger courses, ask for a quote.

* All prices exclude VAT