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Tired of grading exercises by hand? Try ByTheMark Service on your course!

Example of an exercise in ByTheMark ServiceByTheMark Service is a web-based service for a course on data structures and algorithms. The main features include:

  • Easy to take into use
  • Simulation Exercises with Automatic Assessment
  • Visual and Immediate Feedback
  • Monitoring of Course Progress for Teachers

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Want help on manual grading of students assignments? Try ByTheMark Sapluuna!

ByTheMark SapluunaFeatures of ByTheMark Sapluuna:

  • Handle Student Submissions
  • Rubrics Based Assessment
  • More Feedback For Students
  • Less Work for Teachers

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ByTheMark Personal

Example of an exercise in ByTheMark PersonalByTheMark Personal is a free, instant-access service meant for private individuals that wish to learn about data structures and algorithms. It consists of a subset of the full ByTheMark Service. Try it out!

ByTheMark Personal provides individualized and automatically assessed exercises and feedback. You can easily follow your own performance through the web site.

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ByTheMark Calendar

ByTheMark Calendar rests on SuperSaas Online Scheduling and Reservation System.SuperSaaS

SuperSaaS scheduling utilities can be used without the need to install anything. The utilities include an easy-to-use admin user interface to pick up options you want to set for your scheduling system. The different options fits many online scheduling needs including:

  • Allow students to sign up for a class online
  • Accept online appointments for your office hours
  • Use it for class room bookings

Use it as a simple online calendar or as a complete reservation system for your site.

  • Free version for small users
  • Easy to use: received “Best User Interface of 2008″ award
  • Elegant design that you can change to fit with your own site
  • Automatically synchronize with Outlook and Google Calendar
  • Many time saving features such as automated waiting lists
  • Available in 8 languages including Finnish

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