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Juha Sorva

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By The Mark Corporation (est. 2008 in Helsinki, Finland, Business ID: 2193728-1) is a software company that develops and provides services that help people learn, teach, and assess computer programming skills. Our clients include universities, high schools, and IT companies. Our products combine high-quality learning materials with unique exercises in which the learners can have automatic yet personalized feedback. We base our customer-oriented software and services on novel open-source technologies and recent research and innovations in web-based education.

We commit to our slogan – Less Work, More Results – by making sure all our work rests solidly on four cornerstones:

  1. By teachers for teachers

    We, ByTheMark’s founders and employees, are extensively experienced not only in web-based education but also in the teaching of computer programming. We make use of our strong pedagogical competences as we find solutions for our customers’ problems. As teachers, we can identify with other teachers – our customers – and keep in tune with their needs.

  2. Innovative but proven solutions

    It is challenging to teach Computer Science well and to assess learners’ achievements. Many supposedly useful technical tools have been developed as solutions to the problem. We collaborate with educational institutions and researchers to ensure that the methods and technologies we use have been shown to be effective and fulfill both the demands of both the learner and the teacher.

  3. Easy instruction and maintenance

    We want to give our customers the freedom to focus on what they do best. Configuring and maintaining learning environments as well as designing and implementing new programming exercises are things that we do well. Our customers can use our services from anywhere through an intuitive web interface. No extra software is needed and our customers can forget about the extra hassle of maintaining an assessment system.

  4. Customization and reuse

    We believe that any pedagogical software solution has to fit in with the individual needs of a customer – both in terms of content and the number of students. We let teachers assemble their own custom service from a comprehensive selection of exercises, teaching materials, and additional services. We feel that it is important to find the right balance between customizability and reuse. As a result, our services are based on open source software that we have developed further to better fit in with the needs of our clients. This way, we can cut down on development expenses and provide a service that is profitable to all parties.